The Kamov KA-226T is a light multipurpose helicopter, powered by 2 Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 turbines and a coaxial rotor system. Its maximum take of weight in external sling is 3800 Kg. The KA-226T modular design allow it to accomplish diverse missions by the installation of transport modules configured with specialized equipment like Medevac, Fire Fighting, heavy loads, or VIP-passengers transportation. The transportation modules are easily interchanged by two crew members in an estimated time of 30 minutes. Versiones VIP, Medivac, Policial, SAR, Fire Fighting, AG, Cargo


Engines Turbomeca Arrius 2G1
Passengers 7
Flight Range Nm. 367
Max. Take Off Weight 8360
Useful Load Lb. 3300
Payload Lb. 2640
Max. Cruise Kts. 120
Hover Ceiling HOGE Ft 13530
Operational Ceiling 18810