The MI-34C1 has a single 4 Bladed main rotor, a high efficiency 2 Bladed tail rotor and skid landing gear. It is powered by an air cooled Voronezh M9FV fuel injected piston engine of 9 cylinders that delivers 365 take off horse power. The MI-34C1 helicopter with more than 10 years of development , was designed for passengers and cargo transportation , pilot training, patrolling and personal use. It is certified for Day/Night VFR & IFR flights , training as well as sports activities in compliance with FAR 27 international Standards. Versiones de Pasajeros, Policial, Aplicación Agrícola, Carga Interna y Externa


Crew: 1 or 2 Pilots
Passengers 3 or 4
Max. Cruise Speed 117 Kts.
Cruise Speed 100 Kts.
Max. Flight Range 250 Nm.  ( 3 Pax. + 30 Min)  
Rate of Climb 1584 Fpm /
Service Ceiling 14, 686 Ft.
Max. Range W/Aux Fuel 338 Nm.
Empty Weight 2090 Lb